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सोमवार, 26 अप्रैल 2010

Tamasha-e-IPL dekhate hain

Today whatever is happening in ipl in terms of the removal of Lalit modi is just an eyewash.Ipl in fact has become a pool of muck. The biggest money spinner as it has evolved recently,it is hardly surprising that the largest beneficiaries of the free market based economy,viz.politicians,business class and the celebrities are pressing hard to grab the larger pie.Be it Tharoor or Modi,they are only the spilt beans.So they have been made scapegoats.The clamour that we have been hearing in the media and parliament is nothing but the voices of those of the same class who have been left out.Once they get their share the din will die down and the hapless people will once again be hooked to the masala which is presented in form of cricket.IPL,come what may,will remain unharmed because IPL in recent times is the most concerted effort by ruling class to institutionalize loot through mock-cricket,financial irregularities,tax evasion,sleaze,vulgar marketing and match-fixing.

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