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शुक्रवार, 4 फ़रवरी 2011

Why CVC Thomas Should Go(Published in Indian Express' Letters column on 7th Feb.)

Even after aspersions cast by the supreme court on his appointment the stubborn way in which P.J.Thomas is clinging on to the post of CVC,engenders dangerous trends.So far brazen audacity to hold on to powerful position even in the face of major embarrassments has been an exclusive domain of our political class.But if it extends to the constitutionally protected bureaucratic posts,it will further corrode the faith of common man in the system which is already dwindling at an alarming rate.The oft repeated 'conspiracy theory' which he has been harping on has again been a rant of our politicos when put in dock.While it is an absolutely undeniable fact that governments should not be motivated to act merely on emotional public presumptions and unsubstantiated media trials,the case of the present CVC has stretched itself a touch too far.Even by government's own admission before the Court everything has not been above the board in the appointment of P.J.Thomas.What is particularly baffling in this regard is the fact that why does the government considers it indispensable to continue with a tainted person on a post which is expected to play the role of a watchdog?Moreover,as he is offering to keep himself out of the gambit of 2G spectrum probe,will it serve the purpose of a nation plagued by corruption charges to have a maimed CVC?His contention that civil servants are often smeared as they ascend the career ladder also does not hold water as there have been several instances of civil servants gracing sensitive constitutional posts and remain unblemished throughout their career.It is also not very difficult to decipher why the present day government is standing solidly behind him. In fact, this bellicose attitude of the government only smacks of a growing nervousness deep within arising out of unfolding of one after another wrong decisions which have caught it on back foot lately.However,the Manmohan Singh led government will do well to understand that its time it started the cleansing drive without any further delay and damage.

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